poet tree - árvore da poesia

An interactive public art installation
the poet tree is an interactive artwork and an innovative public library dedicated to contemporary poets from Portuguese-speaking countries around the world. It was commissioned by the municipality of Oeiras in Portugal

trees as public libraries

this public sound art installation invites visitors and passersby to revel in the contemporary poetry of writers, from countries as diverse as brazil, angola, mozambique, portugal, guinea-bissau, cape verde, são tomé and príncipe, macau and east timor, generation on generation, in conversation with one another.


following the multiple vibrations of voices from across the world and capturing their unique registers in an astounding range of forms, the poet tree crosses national borders and boundaries to share the extraordinary portuguese language poetry that is being written today, with both online audiences and the visiting public.

reading together

when visitors to the installation scan a qr code with their smartphones, they are taken to a web application that allows them to discover each poet and read or listen to one of their poems.
I love that fact that the wind can be translated into sound when the cymbals gently play against each other

POET TREE webapp

web aplication poet tree
the effect is that of opening up a multiplied sense of the portuguese language that is at once humane and deeply ecological, unfamiliar and full of belonging, far-flung and very near.

the tree series

is part of gama’s current focus on developing content driven public art installations with unique mobile interactive applications.

silent companions

trees are some of the world’s oldest living organisms. Since the dawn of our species, they have been our silent companions, permeating our most enduring tales and never ceasing to inspire poets and writers.

a tribute to trees

living trees and ecology have inspired and guided both the concept and the design process, offering unique solutions for its construction.


designed in cad and using digital manufacturing technologies such a cnc tube bending and machining the poet tree was built with a stainless steel tube structure bound together by aluminum structural components.
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the tree series has a web application which can be configured to any type of content.
a family tree, the ecology of a park, an art collection …

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